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An Apology from the Staff of St. Juno Academy by Delta
We would just like to apologize for the lack of activity on the site recently. I don't plan on abandoning it, since we've gotten a lot of members who seem to have an interest in roleplaying, and we would love to roleplay with y'all. However, lately school has been very stressful and we've gotten tons of work. We only have 4 more days until Christmas break, so we still will be kind of inactive until then. I'll try to handle your applications during this time until then, but I can't make any promises. Although applications have been collecting dust in the Applications board, that does not mean y'all can use your character anyway. We'll try to get these issues solved as soon as possible.



Setting by Delta
St. Juno Academy.

A school off in the middle of nowhere on Earth filled mostly with students, teachers, and staff that hold extraordinary powers and/or characteristics. No one can judge you here for who you are, for everyone is different in a special way that is embraced by all of St. Juno Academy and the area it owns around it. It's a very well off school, with nice classrooms, dorms, and a higher quality cafeteria. It has students from anywhere from elementary to college level enrolled there. Its courtyard is filled with benches, dogwood trees, and lush grass sometimes having beautiful flowers flourishing from its soil. The library is a lot more extravagant than most libraries would be, filled with too many books to count on their tall shelves, rarely having a book looked for by a student, teacher, or staff and not having it in their possession. The wonderland of books comes with its own computer room as well, filled with fast and up to date desktops.  

Not only is the school very nice, the area around it is also a nice touch to the academy. The area that St. Juno Academy owns has a Café called Café de June, which is part of a strip mall with lots of other shops, restaurants, and businesses, known as Callisto Park. The Dark Forest lies around the academy, dark, mysterious, yet always attracting the inhabitants of the area. The inhabitants consist of students, teachers, school administrators, past students, past teachers, past school administrators, some times their family, and some times a parent or other aid to a citizen. The lake also lies in the area, sparkling a crystal blue color, and when there is a full moon at night, the lake turns a scarlet red like the storm on Jupiter, which is why it bears the name of Jupiter Lake. 

There are many possibilites, adventures, and experiences that can be gained from this wonderful area that only a very tiny number of people of the world's population know about. Let your minds, hearts, and lust for a new world, thrive here at St. Juno Academy. 

See you in class. 

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Welcome to St. Juno Academy! Hope you enjoy your stay!
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